Surprising Statistics About Mortgages

  1. CRL estimates 8.1 million homes will fall into foreclosure by 2013.
  2. Over the past decade, the FDIC estimated that borrowers lose $25 billion annually from predatory lending practices.
  3. Homeowners who get credit counseling are 60 percent more likely to avoid foreclosure than those who don’t get it, says a NeighborWorksAmerica report.
  4. One in every 10 Americans with a mortgage, or roughly 10 million adults, report being late or missing a mortgage payment in the last year.
  5. Studies indicate that informed consumers are less likely to get into a predatory situation and make better choices having received face-to-face information.
  6. Average consumers do not know the difference between a short sale, a deed in lieu, a forebearance or a loan modification, nor should they.
  7. Homeowners fail to contact their lender because they are embarrassed, don’t believe the lender can help, and/or believe it would cause them to lose their home more quickly.
  8. 90% of homeowners say they would feel scared, depressed, angry, or embarrassed if foreclosure were likely to happen to them.
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  13. A UNC study indicates that owners of energy-efficient homes are 32 percent less likely to default.
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